Real Estate & Construction Litigation

Real Estate Attorneys Protect Your Investment

No matter how big or small your purchase, real estate is an investment—and one that needs to be protected. When a purchase and sale transaction turns into a fight, when a boundary dispute develops, or the scope of an easement becomes a battle, you need a skilled real estate attorney to advocate for your rights. We also have extensive experience representing real estate agents and brokers when disputes arise.

We have spent years successfully guiding purchasers, sellers, owners, real estate professionals, and homeowner’s associations through the process of resolving disputes involving commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial property.

When you need assistance resolving a dispute involving real estate, it is our job as your legal team to develop creative legal solutions that meet your needs.

Construction Litigation Experts

Whether as a contractor, subcontractor or owner, when you are in the midst of a construction project and end up suing or being sued over a construction defect, we have the experience to help. When these issues arise, you need an attorney knowledgeable about construction law and disputes on your side. We provide that experience and knowledge.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in construction litigation, including:

  • Contracting and subcontracting disputes
  • Environmental and building regulations
  • Project finance and payment disputes
  • False Claims Act defense
  • Industrial Insurance Appeals

Whether you are purchasing a single family home or developing a multi-million-dollar complex, we will help you navigate the waters of real estate and construction litigation.

Contact Walker Heye, PLLC today to find out how our attorneys’ knowledge and experience with real estate and construction can work for you.